Background and structure of the R Foundation taskforce on women and other under-represented groups


The task force was set up by the R Foundation in December 2015 to address the underrepresentation of women and rebranded in January 2017 to accommodate more under-represented groups such as LGBT, minority ethnic groups, and people with disabilities in the R community.

The members of the task force were invited to participate based on their interest in routing for specific under-represented groups and their contributions in the area of diversity and inclusion, to reflect different genders, ethnic groups, work contexts, career stages and aspects of the R project (e.g. CRAN and Bioconductor). The task force is organised as a core team plus a number of sub-teams that focus on particular tasks as outlined below:

  • Accessibility: Working to improve access to R materials for people with low vision, blindness, hard of hearing, deaf, and other disabilities.

  • Community: General outreach to help people from under-represented groups get into R and develop as useRs.

  • Conferences: Focusing on R Foundation conferences, liaising with organizers/program committee on policies and inclusion initiatives.

  • On-ramps: Creating paths for useRs to develop their skills and make contributions to the R/BioConductor package ecosystem.

  • Social Media: Posting to Twitter and/or Facebook, soliciting blog posts and publishing them, maintaining website.

  • Surveys: Running and analysing community surveys, packaging up data and tools and maintaining the Data page.

  • Teaching: Methodology, materials and workshops designed for under-represented groups.

The activities of the taskforce are recorded in the minutes of our bimonthly core team teleconferences and alternate monthly all team slackathons. We are open to new members joining one of our sub-teams. If interested, please contact rowforwards@gmail.com.

The task force is happy to engage with other individuals and organisations (such as R-Ladies) that are concerned about diversity and inclusion and actively seek outside collaboration on specific tasks.

Core Members

Heather Turner - Chair and ‘On-ramps’ team leader. Heather is a Research Software Engineering Fellow in the Statistics department at the University of Warwick and is on the board of the R Foundation. (LinkedIn/Mastodon/ GitHub)

gwynn gebeyehu - Administrator and ‘Accessibility’ team leader. gwynn completed a post-doc at Harvard Business School and co-founded of the Harvard Data Science Initiative R User Group. (Mastodon)/GitHub)

Jonathan Godfrey - ‘Accessibility’ team leader. Jonathan was the first totally blind person in the world to gain employment as a Lecturer in Statistics (Massey University, NZ). (Twitter/GitHub)

Kevin O’Brien - ‘Community’ team leader. Kevin is a data scientist working for a forestry company, modelling forestry resources, as well as one of the main organizers of Dublin R. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Ella Kaye - ‘Community’ team leader. Ella is a statistician and R enthusiast. She’s a founding member of RainbowR and a previous co-organiser of the Oxford R User Group. (LinkedIn/Mastodon/GitHub)

Noa Tamir - ‘Conferences’ team leader (on leave). Noa is a Data Science Manager, an organizer of the R-Ladies Berlin and Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Berlin Meetups, and has recently organized the satRday Berlin 2019 conference. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal - ‘On-ramps’ team leader. Saranjeet volunteers for the R-Ladies Global Team. She is a Statistician by training and likes to work for open source and open science. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Andrea Sánchez-Tapia - ‘Surveys’ team leader. Andrea is a computational biologist, working with biodiversity informatics and open and reproducible workflows in ecology. She teaches R and other computational skills in academic and non-academic environments, and co-organizes R-Ladies Rio de Janeiro. (Twitter/GitHub)

Emma Rand - ‘Teaching’ team leader. Emma is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of York, UK and teaches reproducible data analysis to bioscientists in her institution and with the Royal Society of Biology and the Biochemical Society. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Sub Team Members

Zane Dax - ‘Accessibility’ team member. (Twitter/GitHub)

Liz Hare - ‘Accessibility’ team member. (LinkedIn/Mastodon/GitHub)

Samantha Toet - ‘Community’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Liz Hare - ‘Conferences’ team member. (LinkedIn/Mastodon/GitHub)

Yanina Bellini Saibene - ‘Conferences’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Julie Josse - ‘Conferences’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Jyoti Bhogal - ‘On-ramps’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Michael Chirico - ‘On-ramps’ team member. (Twitter/GitHub)

Michael Lawrence - ‘On-ramps’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Allison Vuong - ‘On-ramps’ team member. (LinkedIn/GitHub)

Paola Corrales - ‘Surveys’ team member. (Twitter/GitHub)

Claudia Huaylla - ‘Surveys’ team member. (Twitter/GitHub)

Di Cook - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Emily Dodwell - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Isabella Gollini - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Ritwik Mitra - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Maria Prokofieva - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Joyce Robbins - ‘Teaching’ team member. (LinkedIn/Twitter/GitHub)

Previous Members

Becca Wilson

Anna Vasylytsya

Nujcharee Haswell

Pavitra Chakravarty

Maya Gans

Miljenka Vuko

Imke Mayer

Florencia Mangini

Joslynn Lee

Damiano Cerasuolo

Tania Allard

Tatjana Kecojevic

Richard Ngamita

Lorna Maria Aine

Stella Bollman
Jenny Bryan
Nic Crane
Rudolf Debelak
John Fox
Jasmine Dumas
Andrea Foulkes
Gina Griffin
Madlene Hamilton
Zhian N. Kamvar
Liz Kellogg
Os Keyes
Angela Li
Gina Merchant
David Meza
Ileena Mitra
Jesse Mostipak
Shakirah Nakalungi
Wenfeng Qin
Augustina Ragwitz
Maëlle Salmon
Dorris Scott
Tracy Shen
David Smith
Carolin Strobl
Charlotte Wickham
Hadley Wickham
Yizhe Xu