Recap of R-Ladies Charlottesville Forwards Workshop

Lessons from R-Ladies Charlottesville Forwards Workshop

Angela Li

Samantha Toet


November 22, 2019

On September 8, 2019, Samantha Toet and Angela Li co-taught a 3-hour Forwards Package Development Workshop at a weekend R-Ladies Charlottesville Meetup.

The workshop took place as a result of Angela being in town - she reached out to Sam and suggested the workshop, Sam thought it was a good idea, and they worked together to coordinate the logistics (all Sam!) and teaching. By using the Forwards curriculum and pre-made organizing templates - with a few tweaks of their own, of course - they were able to pull together the workshop in a month.

The workshop was an abbreviated version of the full Forwards curriculum that allowed participants to develop their first-ever package. The workshop started with motivating the need to create a package, then walked through making a package from scratch, then went over best practices and sharing out a package. We thought it was a good “story arc” for participants: create, document, test, and share.

We enjoyed teaching the workshop, and there were several things we learned from teaching it:

If you’re interested in organizing an R-Ladies based workshop of your own, you can use the resources we developed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us for more information - we’d be happy to chat (or maybe even co-teach)!