Old news items related to Forwards.

2022-07-21 - Several Forwards members contribute to Ten simple rules to host an inclusive conference published in PLOS Computational Biology, 18(7): 1–13, 2022.

2022-06-20 - Yanina Bellini-Saibene supports useR! 2022 to adopt inclusive practices.

2022-06-13 - Google Summer of Code 2022 begins. Di Cook and Heather Turner mentor Abhishek Ulayil on Converting past R Journal articles to HTML; Michael Chirico co-mentors Meet Bhatnagar on creating a dashboard to monitor the status of translations in R.

2022-05-18 - Ella Kaye and Zane Dax run meeting to relaunch RainbowR.

2022-05-17 - Paola Corrales and Yanina Bellini Saibene gave a tutorial From spreadsheets to R in Spanish, at the Software Sustainability Institute’s Research Software Camp.

2022-05-16 - Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal starts a technical writer on the Google Season of Docs project to Expand and Reorganize the R Development Guide.

2022-02-22 - Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal and Heather Turner start series of Collaboration Campfires to to demystify the R development process.

2022-02-19 - Yanina Bellini-Saibene and Heather Turner join the Building inclusive communities panel at the launch of the AsiaR community.

2022-01-17, Online - Heather Turner and Rita Giordano run package development workshop for R-Ladies Remote

2022-01-14, Online - Kevin O’Brien speaks at Accra R Users Ghana Conference

2022-01-12, New York - Joyce Robbins leads package development workshop for R-Ladies NYC.

2021-11-29, Online - Emma Rand and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel run train-the-trainer workshop on using modularized package development training materials.

2021-11-13, Online - Heather Turner speaks at R-Ladies Nairobi - 1st Anniversary.

2021-11-10, Online - Yanina Bellini Saibene co-chairs LatinR2021 including keynote by Saranjeet Kaur on the R Development Guide.

2021-10-04 - Saranjeet Kaur and Heather Turner are selected for the Digital Infrastructure Incubator program funded by Code for Science and Society to work on Building community around the R Development Guide.

2021-09-04, Online - Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel speaks at satRday Nairobi.

2021-08-01 - Forwards adopts First Contributions GitHub repo and Zane Dax adds Spanish translation of documentation.

2021-07-05, Online - Forwards support for useR! 2021 includes Liz Hare co-developing accessibility guidelines and Jonathan Godfrey speaking in joint keynote on Tools and technologies for supporting algorithm fairness and inclusion.

2021/06/03, Online - Kevin O’Brien co-organizes R-Ladies Remote Takeover of the Why R? Webinars.

2021/05/17 - Noa Tamir starts as Senior Writer/Editor on Google Season of Docs project to develop documentation supporting useR! organization.

2021/02/22 - Saranjeet Kaur starts 1-week project funded by the R Foundation t to develop a first version of the R Development Guide.

2021/02/07, Online - Kevin O’Brien starts Why R? World Series of video interviews.

2021/02/01, Online - Emma Rand and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel teach package development workshop as series of three 1-hour modules.

2020/12/16, Lomé, Togo - Forwards supports “Introduction to R” workshop, led by Anicet Ebou and Audrey Addablah.

2020/07/24, Online - Forwards co-founds the R Contribution Working Group, aiming to encourage new contributors to base R.

2020/07/10, Online - Richard Ngamita joins other community leaders in the Supporting diversity in the R community panel at useR! 2020.

2020/04/02, Online - Kevin O’Brien works with Why R? Foundation to start the online Why R? Webinars giving broad access to R talks from a more diverse set of speakers.

2020/03/04, Johannesburg - Heather Turner starts a series of talks and workshops as part of Southern Africa Project 2020.

2020/02/29, Copenhagen - Heather Turner spoke on “Moving Forwards: Greater Equity and Inclusion in the R Community” at CelebRation 2020.

2020/01/07, York - Emma Rand and Susannah Cowtan teach a Package development workshop for women & other underrepresented groups.

2019/11/15, Cardiff - Heather Turner organizes a hackathon as part of satRday Cardiff 2019 in partnership with Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, creato of Transgender Day of Remebrance website.

2019/09/08, Charlottesville - Samantha Toet and Angela Li teach Package Development Workshop at a weekend R-Ladies Charlottesville Meetup.

2019/07/09, Toulouse - Forwards support useR! 2019 with accessibility, diversity scholarship scheme, conference buddies and code of conduct.

2019/05/25 - First ever R conference in East Africa: SatRdays Kampala 2019 Lend your support to this pathbreaking conference by contributing to SatRdays Kampala’s Indiegogo campaign

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2019-04-06, Dublin - Isabella Gollini, with Bruna Wundervald, Chiara Cotroneo, and Jo Niec, teach “Develop Packages in R”

2019-03-30, Brisbane - Di Cook and a team of brilliant women teach “R Coding Workshop for Year 11 Girls”

2019-02-23, Chicago - Stephanie Kirmer and Angela Li teach “Women’s Package Development Workshop”, hosted by R-Ladies Chicago

2018-11-24, Belgrade - Tatjana Kecojevic teaches klik-R workshop on “Data Science Story Telling with R” for young people aged 13-18 years.

2018-10-27, New York City - Emily Dodwell and Joyce Robbins lead “Data Science in R: Coding Workshop for 11th and 12th Grade Girls”

2018-07-30, Vancouver - Di Cook serves as panelist on late breaking session at JSM2018, Addressing Sexual Misconduct in the Statistics Community Organizer blog post

2018-06-23, Cardiff, Wales - Heather Turner teaches “Upgrade Your Workflow with a Custom Package” at Cardiff satRday

2018-05-24, Melbourne - Earo Wang leads “Package Development Workshop for Women: Everything you need to know to create your own R package” at R Ladies Melbourne slides, code

2018-05-14, Budapest - Package Development Workshop for Women at eRum 2018

2017-12-08 - Girls coding workshop held at Auckland University

2017-12-07 - Women’s package writing workshop held at Auckland University, with instructors Hadley Wickham, Jenny Bryan, and Di Cook

2017-10-28 - Girls R coding workshop held at the Kathleen Symes library in Melbourne.

2017-07-12 - Julie Josse presents the results of the Forwards useR! 2016 survey at useR! 2017 [Video] [Slides].

2017-01-13 - Open call to join the taskforce, further details.

2016-11-13 - Heather Turner’s presentation from eRum 2016, “Addressing the Gender Gap in the R Project”, now on YouTube [slides].

2016-11-04 - Jenny Bryan, Di Cook and Julie Josse are elected as ordinary members of the R Foundation, bringing the total number of women to 5 out of 37.

2016-10-20 - Di Cook presents the work of the task force at Women in Statistics and Data Science 2016.

2016-08-22 - R Consortium approves funding for a joint proposal from the San Francisco and London R-ladies groups for alignment and global expansion.

2016-06-27 - Proportion of women at useR! 2016 rises to 28% from 19% at useR! 2015.